Endodontics in Europe

Details of dental clinics and medical centers in Europe performing Endodontics.
Savina Clinic - Dental And Implantology Centre Contact Savina Clinic - Dental And Implantology Centre
Dental Clinic, Malta
A dental clinic led by Dr. Joseph Xuereb, a dental surgeon and Fellow in General Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.
Endodontics is available at Savina Clinic
Listed dentist:
Dr. Joseph Xuereb
Dr. Joseph Xuereb
Principal Dental and Implant Surgeon
CTG Dentalcare Contact CTG Dentalcare
Dental Clinic, Turkey
A large dental clinic which serves over 250 foreign patients annually, mostly from Europe. The clinic provides patients with a written guarantee for inlays, crowns, dentures, fillings, implants and bridges, and uses the same materials as in the UK, Germany or USA.
Endodontics is available at CTG Dentalcare
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Medical Travel Global Contact Medical Travel Global
Medical Tourism Facilitator, Turkey
A facilitator for patients going to Turkey for medical treatment, affiliated with medical centers in Istanbul, and offering full supporting services to patients, including travel arrangements, transportation and a personal escort.
Endodontics is available at Medical Travel Global
Xanit Hospital Internacional Contact Xanit Hospital Internacional
Private Hospital, Spain
Xanit Hospital Internacional is a modern private hospital located in the suburbs of Malaga, Spain. The hospital is modern (opened in 2005), and the staff include over 200 specialists in all medical specialties.
Endodontics is available at Xanit Hospital Internacional
Hygeia Hospital Contact Hygeia Hospital
Hygeia Hospital, Greece
JCI AccreditationJCI Accreditation
HYGEIA Hospital is the first large private hospital to operate in Greece and has been a leading healthcare provider for the last 35 years. It is the first and only hospital in Greece to be accredited by the JCI.
Endodontics is available at Hygeia Hospital
Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital Contact Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital
Private Hospital, Spain
A modern (opened in 2007), general, private hospital located in Madrid, part of the NISA group of hospitals. The international patients department can assist patients with accomodation and trasportation, and can communicate in English as well as in Spanish.
Endodontics is available at Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital
HM Hospitales Contact HM Hospitales
Hospital Group, Spain
HM Hospitales is a hospital group with six private hospitals in Madrid: three general hospitals, a cardiovascular hospital, an oncological center and a women's health hospital.
Endodontics is available at HM Hospitales
Ethica Health Group Contact Ethica Health Group
Aesthetic Centers, Turkey
Also known as Esthetica, this clinic provides a full range of aesthetic, dental and cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. The staff is proficient in 5 languages, and offer a full range of supporting services to foreign patients.
Endodontics is available at Ethica Health Group
Dr. Horvath's Dental Clinic Contact Dr. Horvath's Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic, Hungary
A dental clinic which focuses on primary care, implantology and cosmetic dentistry, with a team of six cosmetic dentists and implantologist. The clinic has an in-house dental laboratory, enabling better control and faster treatment times.
Endodontics is available at Dr. Horvath's Dental Clinic
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Dr. Csilla Gáspár
Dr. Csilla Gáspár
General Dentist
Klinikum Stuttgart Contact Klinikum Stuttgart
Public Hospital, Germany
One of Germany's largest hospitals, made up of more than 50 clinics and specialist institutes spanning all medical specialties. Kinikum Stuttgart is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Germany, and is a referral center for oncology, ENT, pediatrics and more.
Endodontics is available at Klinikum Stuttgart
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Dr. Dieter Weingart
Dr. Dieter Weingart
Medical Director at the Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Implant Center
Dr. I. Wohlwender
Dr. I. Wohlwender
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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