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Hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Warsaw, Poland who specialize in dermatology.
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Plastic Surgery Centre, Warsaw, Poland
A plastic surgery centre offering cosmetic and plastic surgeries and non-surgical procedures, and a suitable location and facilities for a medical vacation.
Listed dermatologist:
Dr. Tomasz Pniewski, MD, PhD.
Dr. Tomasz Pniewski, MD, PhD.
Deep Epidermal Peeling, Botox, Wrinkle Removal, Lip Enlargement and Modeling Procedures
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Private Hospital, Warsaw, Poland
The only private medical healthcare facility in Warsaw, offering inpatient and outpatient services that span a wide range of specialties in medicine.
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Dr. Alicja Anna Kaczmarek
Dr. Alicja Anna Kaczmarek
Dermatology and Venerology
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