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Warsaw, Poland
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IQ Medica

IQ Medica - overview

Dr. Małgorzata Chomicka-Janda, MD, PhD.
Dr. Małgorzata Chomicka-Janda, MD, PhD.
Breast Enlargement, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid, Ear and Face Lift Surgery
Dr. Tomasz Pniewski, MD, PhD.
Dr. Tomasz Pniewski, MD, PhD.
Deep Epidermal Peeling, Botox, Wrinkle Removal, Lip Enlargement and Modeling Procedures
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Dr. Jerzy Strużyna, MD, PhD.
Face and Breast Surgeries
The IQ Medica Plastic Surgery Centre offers a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries and non-surgical procedures for both men and women. The clinic also presents foot aesthetical surgery procedures, and lately, as well as the newest advances to cosmetic gynaecology.

Staffed by specialists and professionals in the field of plastic and aesthetic medicine, IQ Medica provides reliable services to its clients. The team is complemented by advanced technologies that promote intelligent procedures and surgeries.

The clinic of IQ Medica is located in its own park compound right next to the Mazowiecki View Park. The location is conveniently away from the busy city, and the area of the compound spanning 6,000 square meters underlines comfort. The clinic itself is a modern medical facility raised from an old villa. The villa contains complete facilities for procedures, as well as recovery and post-operation rooms.

  • Transportation services
  • Recovery facilities
  • English
  • Number of doctors: 3
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