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Terme Selce

Terme Selce - overview

Dr. Vlasta Brozičević
Dr. Vlasta Brozičević
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Dr. Ivan Brozičević
Dr. Ivan Brozičević
Physical Medicine
Terme Selce is a group of private clinics operating on medical fields that involve physical, mental and emotional wellness. This polyclinic is regarded as a center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as for Sports Medicine. The programs offered in Terme Selce target various groups including children, women, the elderly and the disabled, but they mainly service sportsmen.

In its two decades of business, Terme Selce has developed many procedures and techniques for the successful recovery of a patient. Their methods and technologies are even carried out across the Mediterranean, where people come for combined healthcare and holidays.

Aside from Terme Selce’s rigorous program for the athletes, the polyclinic offers a lot of relaxing and revitalizing treatments as well like aromatherapy, physio-sauna, bio-bath, and a lot others, as well as a number of massages such as the hot stone massage and the tui na-massage, among many others.

Among the leaders of Terme Selce are Dr. Vlasta Brozičević, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and the official doctor of the Croatian ski team; Dr. Ivan Brozičević, an internist-cardiologist; and Mr. sc. Iva Brozičević Dragičević, prof., a clinical psychologist. These people ensure the constant professional development, individualized approach, and the use of the latest technologies to achieve optimum results of the patient’s recovery.

Specialties of Terme Selce

  • Transportation services
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • English
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