David Surgi-Center

Quezon City, Philippines
from overseas:(+63) 2-371-8189
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from Philippines:02-371-8189
David Surgi-Center

David Surgi-Center - overview

Dr. Reynaldo C.David, MD
Dr. Reynaldo C.David, MD
Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures
With the goal to expand and serve more individuals in a more accessible location, the Enhance Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center was opened in SM City North Edsa Mall. The David Clinics currently consist of 8 nurses, an anesthesiologist and several midwives.

Dr. David performs all the surgical procedures while the nurses perform the dermatological procedures. The major surgical procedures are primarily done in the Surgi-Center. The nurses and midwives assist Dr. David in preparing patients for their procedure. We never forget that our clientele is the most important element of our business.

Specialties of David Surgi-Center

  • English
  • Filipino
  • Number of doctors: 1
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