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Alicante, Spain

Prof. José A. Horcajadas

Prof. José A. Horcajadas

Scientific Advisor
at IVF Spain
Speciality Reproductive genomics, endometrial receptivity
Languages English, Spanish
About Dr Horcajadas currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at Recombine Europe. He has extensive experience in reproductive genomics, specially in endometrial receptivity. He is professor of the University Pablo Olavide in Seville, and researcher at the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza. He was the initiator of Iviomics and developed it during 10 years. Dr Horcajadas was the first scientist appointed by the Spanish government to lead the preimplantational genetic diagnosis research program.

He has authored over 40 publications in major scientific journals, as well as 5 books and several chapters. He is one of the leading scientists in his area.
Awards Dr Horcajadas has won several awards, among others Serono of research 2004 and the Lalor foundation of Boston, Massachusetts.

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