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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital


Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Bekir Sami Uyanik

Prof. Bekir Sami Uyanik

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
Speciality Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry
Languages English, Turkish
Graduated 1984 (33 years since graduation)
About Vocational Interests :
Bioenergetics and Metabolism
Carcinogenesis and Tumor Markers
Education School of Medicine: 1984, Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine
Master's Degree: 2010, Okan University, Health Care Management
Associate's Degree: 2013, Anadolu University, Accounting and Taxation
Professional Experience Specialist training/Clinical experience:
Specialization: 1994, Atatürk University School of Medicine
Ministry of Health of the Konya Provincial Directorate of Health and National Health Centres

University teaching experience:
Associate Professor: 1996, Celal Bayar University School of Medicine
Professor: 2003, Celal Bayar University School of Medicine
Memberships Turkish Medical Association (TTB)
Turkish Biochemical Society (TBD)
Association of Clinical Biochemistry (KBD)
Experts Association of Clinical Biochemistry (KBUD)
Brain Research and Neuroscience Association (TUBAS)

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