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The Cabin Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Alastair Mordey

Alastair Mordey

Programme Director (BA Hons, FDAP) United Kingdom
at The Cabin Chiang Mai
Speciality Addiction Treatment
Languages English, Thai
About Alastair Mordey (BA Hons, FDAP), is a certified and accredited addiction counsellor. He has over a decade of experience working in all four tiers of the UK's treatment system, from detox to aftercare.

In 2010, Alastair was the main speaker at the National Treatment Agency's annual conference in the UK , where he presented findings from his pilot project that involved using cardiovascular sports as therapy for people with addiction problems in North East London. His model was adopted as the national model for health in long-term addiction recovery.

Later in 2010, Alastair co-founded the Cabin Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, a fifty bed treatment facility which pioneers the use of 3 Circles Recovery Planning as an ‘all addictions' model to treat both chemical and process addictions. Using CBT terminology to impart 12 Step abstinence principles, The Cabin's programme is based on the findings of the American Society of Addiction Medicines' 2011 public policy document on the latest research into addiction. It features secular language in a culturally sensitive environment that is dedicated to achieving lasting results in a short time frame.

In 2011, Alastair also began training the Treatment System Teams at Thailand's state-run Thanyarak Hospitals in in the use of CBT and Twelve Step Facilitation for drug and alcohol users, and now works closely with the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Bangkok.

In October 2012, Alastair and The Cabin hosted an addiction counselling conference in Chiang Mai where he co-facilitated training for Asian professionals with leading addiction specialist Mr. Terence Gorski.

Alastair writes on addiction for several publications including Drink Drug News, CNN, and Asian Correspondent as well as features regularly on radio, TV and at speaking engagements and conferences both in the South East Asia and back home in the West.

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