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Haifa, Israel

Ms. Varda Swager Suchi

Ms. Varda Swager Suchi

Coordinator Nurse
at Rambam Medical Center
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Position/s:
1. Head Nurse – Plastic Surgery Clinic
2. Responsible for mattresses for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores
3. Responsible for new generation bandages for wound treatment
4. Coordinator for the treatment of VAC
5. Nurse Consultant for the Department of Health

Research and Professional Interests:
1. Organization and implementation of a course in wound care for nurses
2. Research: quality of life of patients with wounds
3. Research on the subject of breast reconstruction
Education Academic Degrees:

Continuing Education / Courses:
1. Advance Nursing Course – respiratory intensive care
2. Course – Management
3. Clinical instructor course
4. Group instruction course
5. Course for experts in wound care

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