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Haifa, Israel

Ms. Beatrice Shaham

Ms. Beatrice Shaham

Head Nurse, Institute of Pulmonology
at Rambam Medical Center
Speciality Pulmonology
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Position/s:
1. Neurology Nurse Coordinator
2. Chairman of the Neurology Nursing Association in Israel

Selected Professional and Research Interests:
1. Promotion of rehabilitation principles of caring in an acute hospital setting through the Rehabilitation Committee.
2. Promotion of the Epilepsy Center
3. Planning and organization of division staff meetings.
4. Research: Coping with Epilepsy: Resources, Strategies, Personality and Adjustment
5. Promotion of neurological nursing in Israel: Conference organization and participation, journal publication and promotion of neurology nursing as a unique specialization.
Education Academic Degree:
Doctoral candidate, Faculty of Education, Haifa University

Continuing Education / Courses:
1. ICU (short form)
2. Group Dynamics
3. WHO Workshop for the application of the ICF in rehabilitation

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