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Haifa, Israel

Schwarzberg Irena

Schwarzberg Irena

Rambam Medical Center
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Position/s:
1. Assistant Nurse Manager, Ambulatory Surgical Unit
2. Nursing Preceptor and Clinical Coach, Ambulatory Surgical Unit

Research and Professional Interests:
1. “The Scope and Causes of Cancellations of Elective Surgical Procedures at the Rambam Medical Center” EORNAC Poster presentation. 2006.
2. Peri-operative telephone follow up in patient’s undergoing MOHS surgical procedure, development of work projects. 2002
3. Development of peri-operative nursing records in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit. 2000
4. Development of procedure specific guiding instructions in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit. 1998-2000

Ullmann Y., Fodor L., Schwarzberg I., et al. “The sounds of music in the operating room” Injury 2006, Sep.l9, 1-6.
Education Academic Degrees:
B.A. Health Administration
M.A. Public Administration, Health Systems - Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

Continuing Education / Courses:
O.R.N. Professional Training - Sheba Hospital
Preceptor Training - Rambam Medical Center

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