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Haifa, Israel

Prof. Giora Pillar MD

Prof. Giora Pillar MD

Deputy Director, Department of Pediatrics A Director, Pediatric Sleep Disorders Unit
at Rambam Medical Center
Speciality Pediatrics and Sleep.
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professor Giora Pillar is a pediatrician and a sleep physician who graduated from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Professor Pillar's main research and clinical interests are sleep disturbances in children, including sleep disordered breathing, movement disorders in sleep, the autonomic nervous system function during sleep, and the relationship between sleep disturbances and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Together with his students, Professor Pillar has developed a novel treatment regimen for some pediatric sleep disturbances.
Professor Pillar is the author of several books and book chapters in the field of pediatrics and sleep.
Education He also completed his PhD in sleep research at the Technion Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Pillar obtained clinical training in pediatrics at Rambam Medical Center and completed postgraduate program at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

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