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Rambam Medical Center


Haifa, Israel

Ms. Orna Eluk

Ms. Orna Eluk

Rambam Medical Center
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Position/s:
1) Epidemiology Supervisor
2) Member of the Council for Quality Advancement in Nursing
3) Member of the Safety Council
4) Coordinator of the Council for the Prevention and Control of Surgical Site Infections

Selected Professional and Research Interests:
1. Monitoring of surgical site infections in knee & hip replacement surgeries from April 2002 until present.
2. Coordinator of the topic of hospital-wide medication examinations for new nurses
Education Academic Degrees:

Continuing Education / Courses:
1) Infection Control
2) Managing Senior Staff
3) Advanced Trauma Nursing
4) Adapting Organizational and Management Skills to the Year 2000
5) Building Objective Examinations
6) Group Instruction

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