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Haifa, Israel

Ms. Ella Muller

Ms. Ella Muller

Director of Nursing, Oncology and Hematology Division
at Rambam Medical Center
Speciality Oncology
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Positions:
2001 - Present Director of Nursing, Oncology and Hematology Division, Rambam Health Care Campus
1997-2001 - Chief Nurse, Oncology Department
1990-1997 - Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Haifa
Nursing Coordinator of Hospice Home Care, Haifa
1981-1990 - Community Nurse, Haifa

Professional and Academic Activities:
2004 - Instructor in the International Nursing Course, Kazachstan
1996-2002 - Instructor in International Nursing Courses, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine - a project of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Health
1992 - Present Instructor in the Post-Graduate Oncology Nursing Course
1990 - Present Instructorof Physical Assessment in Diploma Nursing Schools
1994 - Present Instructor of Palliative Care in Diploma Nursing Schools
Education Academic Degrees:

Continuing Education / Courses:
1. Course in Palliative Care, Macmillan Fund, London
2. Post-graduate course in Oncology Nursing
3. Course on Management of Advanced Projects
4. Course in Palliative and Hospice Care, St. Christopher's Hospice. England
5. Physical Assessment for Nursing Educators
6. Community Health Nursing
Memberships Conferences and Professional Memberships:

1991 - National Conference for Nurses in Israel “The treatment of Terminal Cancer Patients in the Community
1999 - International Conference on Palliative Care, Palermo, Italy
- Member of the National Israeli Nursing Society, the Israeli Oncology Nursing Society and the European Society for Medical Oncology.

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