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Rambam Medical Center


Haifa, Israel

Ms. Esty Katz

Ms. Esty Katz

Coordinator Nurse
at Rambam Medical Center
Languages English, Hebrew
About Professional Position/s:
Organ Transplant and Donation Coordinator

Selected Professional and Research Interests:
- Lecturer in Nursing and Advanced Nursing: Jezreel Valley Academic College, Technion Faculty of Medicine, area high schools.
- Development and distribution of protocols and guidelines for organ donation.
- Coordination of activities aimed at increasing awareness regarding organ donation and transplant in the hospital and community.
- Active participation in professional conferences in Israel and around the world.
Education Academic Degrees:

Continuing Education / Courses:
- Advanced Nursing Course – Intensive Care
- Ongoing Course – Organ Transplantation Group Instruction
- Continuing Education in Organ Transplantation Coordination
- High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Course

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