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Vitznau, Switzerland

Dr. Kai Lutz

Dr. Kai Lutz

Scientific Director
at cereneo Schweiz AG
Speciality Rehabilitation
Languages English, German
About Since qualifying as a psychologist, Dr. Kai Lutz has conducted research into the human brain using neuroscientific methods. In particular, he has had many articles about the motor system published in internationally renowned specialist
magazines. In his capacity as Head of Research and a neuropsychologist he deploys his established knowledge to continually improve diagnostics and therapy at cereneo.
Education Degree in Psychology at Düsseldorf University, Germany (1991-1997) and at the Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, USA (1994-1995)

Doctorate at the Institute of Medicine, Jülich Research Centre, Germany (1997-1998) and at the Institute of General Psychology, Magdeburg University, Germany (1998-2002)

Postdoctoral researcher and Assistant Professor to the Chair of Neuropsychology, Zurich University, Switzerland (2002-2013)

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