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Cochlear Implant


The cochlear implant surgery package involves a two-night stay. An electronic device that restores partial hearing is surgically implanted in the inner ear and activated by a device worn on the outer ear.

Included in the package
* Surgical room use
* Recovery room.
* Scrub & circulate nurse.
* Two nights private room.
* Nursing services.
* Meals and snacks from our varied menu.
* Anesthesia: pre-anesthetic drugs, anesthesia, medical gas (oxygen, nitrous oxide).
* Medical equipment and medical supplies necessary for the procedure.
* Routine medication for the procedure and during stay.

Not included in the package
* Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees
* Stays of more than two nights. Additional nights and other related charges will be added to the package price at normal hospital rates
* Pre-surgery analysis: laboratory tests, pathology, imaging , etc.
* Sundry charges not related to the procedure
* Charges for other procedure(s) performed at the same time
* Charges incurred prior to the surgery
* Personal consumable items such as soft drinks from room service, telephone, or meals for guests will be charged at normal rates;
* Take-home medications and supplies

Patients eligible for this package
* This package is only for uncomplicated elective cases.
* Patients with bleeding disorders or severe medical problems are considered complex or high-risk cases and will not qualify for the package.

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