Rehabilitation Centers in Germany

Hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Germany who specialize in rehabilitation.
University Medical Center Freiburg Contact University Medical Center Freiburg
University Hospital, Freiburg, Germany
The University Medical Center Freiburg is one of the largest medical facilities in Europe and part of the Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg, one of five outstanding centers of academic excellency in Germany.
Available rehabilitation services: 
Full information upon request
Klinikum Stuttgart Contact Klinikum Stuttgart
Public Hospital, Stuttgart, Germany
One of Germany's largest hospitals, made up of more than 50 clinics and specialist institutes spanning all medical specialties. Kinikum Stuttgart is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Germany, and is a referral center for oncology, ENT, pediatrics and more.
Available rehabilitation services: 
Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Diabetic Foot Rehabilitation
Pediatric Physical Therapy
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