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Dental Care at EuroMediTravel

Base prices are in Euro, last updated on Feb 19, 2010.
- Prices in other currencies are calculated according to the current exchange rates.
- Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
- Please check with EuroMediTravel about current prices, limitations, extra charges etc.
Procedures Price   
Crown On Implant 530 enquire
Crown Root Inlay On Gold 333 enquire
Crown Root Inlay On Metal 83 enquire
Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Dental Crown 194 enquire
Telescopic Crown On Gold 417 enquire
Dental Implant 835 enquire
Complete Denture 250 enquire
Complete Denture With Fiber Reinforcement 333 enquire
Frame Denture 500 enquire
Frame Denture With Invisible Clasps 972 enquire
Big Tooth Filling With Anaesthetic 83 enquire
Small Tooth Filling With Anaesthesia 56 enquire
Porcelain Veneer 333 enquire
Veneer 140 enquire
Root Dental Therapy Of Molar Tooth 167 enquire
Root Dental Therapy Of Premolar Tooth With Anaesthesia 167 enquire
Root Dental Therapy Of Uniradicular Tooth With Anaesthesia 139 enquire
Air Polishing System (Sand Blasting) 56 enquire
Teeth Whitening Package I 417 enquire
Tooth Extraction 83 enquire
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 194 enquire
Examinations Price   
Panoramic X-Ray And Dental Examination 42 enquire
Dental Care - any other procedure / treatment enquire

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