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General Surgery at University Medical Center Freiburg

General Surgeons

Prof. Ulrich T. Hopt
Prof. Ulrich T. Hopt
Medical Director of the Division of General and Visceral Surgery
Prof. Tobias Keck
Prof. Tobias Keck
Assistant Medical Director Deputy Clinic, Dept. of General and Visceral Surgery
Prof. Oliver Drognitz
Prof. Oliver Drognitz
Executive Assistant Medical Director, Department of Liver Center and Intestinal Care
Prof. Günther Reputation
Prof. Günther Reputation
Head of Coloproctology
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General Surgery - available procedures

Pediatric Surgery enquire
Appendicectomy enquire
Gallbladder Removal Surgery enquire
Gastrectomy enquire
Goiter Removal Surgery enquire
Hemorrhoid Surgery enquire
Hernia Repair Surgery enquire
Lumpectomy enquire
Lung Biopsy enquire
Mastectomy enquire
Spleen Removal Surgery enquire
Thyroidectomy enquire
General Surgery - any other procedure / treatment enquire

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