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Fertility Treatment at Rambam Medical Center

Fertility specialists

Prof. Joseph Itskovitz, MD, DSc
Prof. Joseph Itskovitz, MD, DSc
Director, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology & I.V.F
Dr. Shahar Kol, MD
Dr. Shahar Kol, MD
Attending Physician, I.V.F

Fertility Treatment - available treatments and procedures

IVF enquire
IVM enquire
Artificial Insemination enquire
Assisted Hatching enquire
Blastocyst Culture enquire
Cryo-Preservation for Embryos enquire
Cytoplasmic Transfer enquire
GIFT enquire
ICSI enquire
IUI enquire
MESA enquire
PESA enquire
PGD enquire
PGD for gender selection enquire
Sperm Banking enquire
Sperm Washing enquire
TESE enquire
ZIFT enquire
Endometriosis enquire
Low Sperm Count enquire
Fertility Treatment - any other procedure / treatment enquire

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