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Oncology at Raffles Hospital


Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee
Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee
Medical Oncology
Dr. Toh Chee Keong
Dr. Toh Chee Keong
Medical Oncology
Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien
Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien
Breast and gynaecologic cancers, psychosocial oncology and palliative medicine

Oncology services

Hemato-oncology enquire
Pediatric Oncology enquire
Bone Marrow Transplant enquire
Mohs Surgery enquire
Prostatectomy enquire
Brachytherapy enquire
Chemotherapy enquire
Gene Therapy enquire
Hormonal Therapy enquire
Image Guided Radiotherapy enquire
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy enquire
Radiotherapy enquire
Stem Cell Cancer Treatment enquire
Bladder Cancer enquire
Bone Cancer enquire
Brain Cancer enquire
Brain Tumor enquire
Breast Cancer enquire
Cervical Cancer enquire
Colon Cancer enquire
Colorectal Cancer enquire
Endometrial Cancer enquire
Gastric Cancer enquire
Kidney Cancer enquire
Leukemia enquire
Liver Cancer enquire
Lung Cancer enquire
Lymphoma enquire
Melanoma enquire
Mesothelioma enquire
Metastatic Cancer enquire
Mouth Cancer enquire
Neuroblastoma enquire
Oral Cancer enquire
Ovarian Cancer enquire
Pancreatic Cancer enquire
Prostate Cancer enquire
Sarcoma enquire
Skin Cancer enquire
Testicular Cancer enquire
Throat Cancer enquire
Thyroid Cancer enquire
Uterine Cancer enquire
Oncology - any other procedure / treatment enquire

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