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Urology at Rabin Medical Center

The Department of Urology at Rabin Medical Center

The Department of Urology at Rabin Medical Center is the largest urology department in Israel and is a national referral center for the full spectrum of urological pathology and diseases. With a highly qualified staff in each sub-specialty they provide complete and comprehensive management of all urological diseases at the highest standards available in Israel and worldwide.

The Department of Urology at RMC also has the premier residency program in the country and we are able to choose the best candidates for residency. Most the senior staff are former residents at Rabin Medical Center and completed fellowships in the best urological centers of excellence worldwide. Many of the former residents head urology departments or units and both the staff and the residents are involved in various significant research projects and academic teaching.

The urology department consists of three sections:
The Section of Urology at Beilinson Hospital headed by Prof. Jack Baniel
The Department of Urology at Hasharon Hospital, headed by Dr. Dov Lask
The Pediatric Urology Unit at Schneider Children's Medical Center.

As a whole the Department of Urology at RMC performs more than 3000 operations and has approximately 22,000 outpatient visits per year.

  • The Section of Urology - Beilinson Hospital

    The Section of Urology at Beilinson Hospital is headed by Prof. Jack Baniel , an eminent specialist in the field of uro-oncology and reconstructive surgery; he completed a fellowship in uro-oncology at Indiana University. Prof. Baniel is also deputy head of the Davidoff Cancer Center where he assists in education and facilitating the establishment of specialized disease management teams.

    A national referral center for advanced and complicated urological cancer patients, the Section of Urology at Beilinson Hospital performs approximately 1200 surgical procedures a year including operations for benign and malignant prostate disease, bladder, renal and testicular cancer, using laparoscopic and open procedures and extensive reconstructive procedures.

    The Section of Urology at Beilinson Hospital includes the following areas of expertise:

    • Laparoscopy Unit - Directed by Dr. Yoram Dekel, an expert in laparoscopic surgery they perform partial and radical nephrectomies and assisted the organ transplant department in establishing the only laparoscopic donor nephrectomy program in Israel.
    • Outpatient Clinic – Directed by Dr. Daniel Kedar , who completed a fellowship in urological oncology in MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. The outpatient services see 17,000 patients yearly for consultations and ambulatory treatments, including cystoscopies and prostatic biopsies.
    • The Uro-Oncology Service with Dr. Ofer Yossepowitch a renown author of many important publications, who completed his urologic oncology fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY. He is in charge of inpatient management and facilitates all aspects of basic and clinical research.
    • Female Urology and Neuro-Urology Unit - Directed by Dr. Gabriel Gillon in Beilinson, an expert in urodynamics, offering female stress incontinence procedures and all aspects of male incontinence.
    • Sexual Medicine Service - Directed by Dr. Yossi Shmueli , an expert in the management of male impotence and infertility, they perform many surgical procedures.
    • General Urology Service — Directed by Dr. R. Manes, Dr. Z. Lutvak, and Dr. Z. Leib.

  • The Department of Urology - Hasharon Hospital

    The Department of Urology at Hasharon Hospital, headed by the Deputy Head Dr. Dov Lask , a known specialist in BPH surgery, performs approximately 1300 surgical procedures yearly. The main thrust of this department is endourology and urinary stone disease management, and also includes a Female Urology and Neuro-Urology Unit Directed by Dr. Yossef Abarbanel.

    The Endourology Unit is headed by Dr. David Lifshitz , a well known expert and specialist in this field who was trained by the renowned Dr. Lingman of the USA, one of the top experts in the world in regards to minimally invasive urologic surgery. The service also includes Dr. Ronen Holland.

    As one of the few treatment centers and by far the largest and most advanced this unit is a national referral center for urinary stone patients from throughout Israel. Featuring state of the art technology and equipped with the latest instrumentation the expert teams of surgeons perform the most sophisticated, often complicated minimally invasive surgery procedures. Requiring no incision, patients usually go home the same day and in the majority of cases this type of surgery is highly recommended over conventional surgery.

  • The Pediatric Urology Unit at Schneider Children's Medical Center

    The Pediatric Urology Unit is directed by Dr. David Ben Meir who completed his pediatric urology fellowship in Melbourne, Australia and whose main interest is evaluation and management of children with voiding dysfunction. As the largest pediatric urology unit in Israel they perform more than 500 surgical procedures on children including preterm babies and adolescents while providing superior advanced services in congenital anomalies reconstruction, using open and laparoscopic techniques.


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Prof. Jack Baniel
Deputy Head of the Davidoff Cancer Center's Department of Urology
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Dr. Yoram Dekel
Laparoscopic surgery
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