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ENT specialists

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Loh Kwok Seng
Assoc. Prof. Thomas Loh Kwok Seng
Head and Senior Consultant
Assoc. Prof. Lynne Lim
Assoc. Prof. Lynne Lim
Airway reconstruction for laryngotracheal obstruction, syndromic patients
Assist. Prof. Chao Siew Shuen
Assist. Prof. Chao Siew Shuen
General otolaryngology, allergy, sinus infections, bleeding, polyps and tumours.
Dr. Loh Woei Shyang
Dr. Loh Woei Shyang
Pediatric otolaryngology
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ENT - available services

Laryngology enquire
Maxillofacial Surgery enquire
Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery enquire
Pediatric E.N.T enquire
Rhinology & Sinus Surgery enquire
Sleep Medicine & Surgery enquire
Adenoidectomy enquire
Cleft Lip Surgery enquire
Cleft Palate Surgery enquire
Cochlear Implant enquire
FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) enquire
Goiter Removal Surgery enquire
Septoplasty enquire
Submucuous Diathermy (SMD) enquire
Thyroplasty enquire
Tonsillectomy enquire
Tympanoplasty enquire
Snoring Treatment enquire
Hearing Screening Test enquire
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