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Budapest, Hungary
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Dr. Tibor Koltai
Dr. Tibor Koltai
General Dentistry, Implants
Dr. Zoltán Veress
Dr. Zoltán Veress
General and Specialized Dentistry, Implants
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KG Dental is a group of dental clinics operating in three branches in different parts of Hungary. KG Dental specializes in providing dental treatments that go with holiday packages they offer as well. The packages include everything the patient needs for dental services and treatments, as well as travel and accommodation concerns. KG can as well arrange for leisure activities for the patient has he/she required.

Dental treatments offered by KG Dental are available for both local and foreign patients. The clinics’ foreign clients mostly come from countries in Western Europe and the United States.
KG Dental clinics can be located in Budapest, the country’s capital; Hévíz, a town boasting a thermal lake; and in Mosonmagyaróvár, a place where dental tourism has been flourishing for quite awhile now. All clinics of KG employ the modern technologies in the field of dentistry, from equipment to materials. All clinics also have their own laboratories onsite.

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  • Accommodation arrangements
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