Bangkok Christian Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand
from overseas:(+66) 2-233-6981
(+66) 2-233-6989
from Thailand:02-233-6981
Bangkok Christian Hospital

Bangkok Christian Hospital - overview

The Bangkok Christian Hospital was established by Presbyterian missionaries in 1949. The hospital offers a variety of medical services, with a staff of over 300 in-house and visting physicians.

The centers at the hospital include a large dental center, a pediatric center, radiology units, surgical units - including orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery and neurosurgery, eye department, ENT, internal medicine, obstretics & gynecology, dermatology, and an aesthetic center.

The hospital has various types of rooms ranging in price from 2,150 to 7,050 Baht per day (June 2012 prices). Private rooms include a TV set, a phone and a refrigirator.

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  • Year established: 1949
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