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Hospitals, clinics and doctors in Argentina offering weight loss surgery (Bariatric surgery).
MD Marco More Contact MD Marco More
Bariatric Surgeon, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Services of a professional surgeon performing various techniques in bariatric surgery through the laparoscopic method.
Listed bariatric surgeon:
Dr. Marco More, MD
Dr. Marco More, MD
Bariatric Surgery, Obesity Treatments
Available bariatric procedures: 
Gastric Bypass
Buenos Aires British Hospital Contact Buenos Aires British Hospital
Non-profit Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The British Hospital Buenos Aires is one of leader in health care which was highly reputed on account of the professional quality and care provided by its medical staff and nursing.
Available bariatric procedures: 
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Band Surgery
Clinica B & S Contact Clinica B & S
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A clinic specializing in aesthetics, offering various surgical and non-surgical procedures, dental procedures and an array of health and beauty treatments.
Available bariatric procedures: 
Full information upon request
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